If you're having trouble with not hearing other participants in the Space, or others can't hear you, here are a couple of tips you can try to troubleshoot:

  1. First, ensure you have given permission to your browser to allow for audio and video. When you join you will see a popup that asks you to allow access, press “Allow”. Ask the same thing from other participants.

  2. Check the Troubleshooting menu for any prompts about issues in the Space. You can check if other participants are having any issues. 

  3. Make sure that the hardware you're using is not on mute. Look for this icon that indicates if the website is muted. Click the icon to unmute and turn the volume up on your hardware. If possible, use headphones for better audio quality. 

  4. Check the Device Setup menu and choose a different audio source. 

  5. When making any changes, make sure to reload the page and join the Space again.