If you would like to learn more about how to use the online classroom, as well as troubleshooting tips, we are running seminars at 6pm on Tuesdays and 11am on Thursdays for tutors!  You can see how to join one here.


If your classroom isn’t loading, try reloading the page! It can sometimes get stuck depending on your connection, so giving it a quick refresh can often give it the boost it needs to get started.

If this doesn’t work, it’s best to ensure you are using the correct browser on the correct device! The classroom is most compatible with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, so please do use these where possible! Please also ensure you are using a laptop or computer, as the classroom unfortunately won't run on a tablet or mobile phone.

If you have any ad-blockers or a strong antivirus system in place this can also prevent the classroom from opening - try turning these off if you do have them running in the background and reloading the page.

A good tip is to also go into incognito mode when in Google Chrome, as sometimes the build up of cookies and cache on your browser can lead to the classroom not loading normally. To do this, you just need to click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of Google Chrome, and then select 'New Incognito Window' - you can then go through to the site and your account as normal, and access the classroom!