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If you’re hearing an echo, that’s probably because one of you isn’t wearing headphones! Make sure you’re both using headphones for the best quality audio in the classroom.

Unfortunately, delayed or fuzzy audio or sound that keeps breaking up is usually caused by a poor internet connection, either due to:

  • One of you being in a rural location which means you may be a long distance from the exchange

  • Weak WiFi from your router (e.g. if it only has one antenna)

  • A weak WiFi receiver on the device being used (e.g. tablets, phones..etc)

  • Walls/obstructions between the router and your device

Our advice is to get as close to a direct connection as possible by:

  • Using a wired connection where possible (with an ethernet cable)

  • Upgrade your router, or buy WiFi extenders or powerline adapters

  • Move closer to your router (e.g. move into the same room)

  • Ensure other internet users are not downloading, streaming or playing online games while you’re in your lesson

  • If using a shared network, try to avoid using it at peak times when many users will be online

If you're still struggling, one additional step you can take is to turn off your camera feed in the classroom - this means that more bandwidth is available for the audio.