Once your tutor has booked your lesson in you will be requested to confirm the session by entering your payment details. 

We'll only ever take a payment from your card 24 hours after a lesson has taken place, but we do ask you to provide your payment details more than 12 hours in advance of your first lesson together to confirm the time slot booking with your tutor (similar to how you might make a hotel booking and be asked to provide your card details ahead of time).

When you confirm the lesson, we’ll also ask you to authenticate the payment details by entering a code sent to you by your bank - again, you’ll have likely seen this when making purchases on other websites, and it’s done to ensure your payment security.

To keep it simple, you won't need to enter your payment details again if you have further lessons together with that tutor - just make sure your tutor books each session in and we will take payment, as normal, 24 hours after each session from the same payment details, as all future lessons will automatically be confirmed. Occasionally, your bank may ask for the lesson payments to re-authenticated - unfortunately, we have no control over this! What we’ll do in this situation is to send you over a checkout form that you can easily complete to pay for your lesson. 

We'll always send you a reminder email 24 hours before each session and a receipt 24 hours afterwards, so you won't forget. We know that sometimes life happens, so you're welcome to cancel any bookings you need to with no charge if they're cancelled at least 12 hours in advance of the start time. You can manage all of your bookings from your dashboard or contact us for help.

Our tutors do not accept cash and all lessons are booked through the site. Unfortunately, we cannot accept childcare vouchers as payment for lessons.