Payment not gone through? Not a problem!

Payments can fail for a number of reasons, however, as these are made with card payments it can often be due to an issue with the card being reissued or temporarily blocked. If you’re unsure why the payment has not gone through, it’s generally worth contacting your bank to ensure everything is all set to go on their end.

Understandably we will need to make sure your tutor is paid for their time, so if this payment is still outstanding after a few days we will contact them to confirm the lesson took place and ensure they are paid for this time.

If you have future lessons booked in we will temporarily 'freeze' these until the payment has been sorted so you don’t get lots of payments due on one account, but these will 'unfreeze' as soon as the payment has been made and you will be able to continue having lessons, so it's nothing at all to worry about. ❄️

If something has happened and you are unable to make the payment now, for example if you are waiting for a new card, please feel free to let us know so we can pop a note on your account.

When you are ready to retry the payment, select ‘Retry Payment’ next to this completed lesson in your Lessons tab, or enter your card details by logging into your account here!  

Sometimes, payments will fail as your bank has asked for lesson payments to be re-authenticated. All you need to do in this situation is to log onto your account and fill out our checkout form with your payment details. You’ll then get a code from your bank that you can enter on the site to retry the payment!