All payments on Tutorful are processed through Stripe, a global third party payment provider that we use to ensure all transfers are secure. When you enter your payment details on the website, not even us here at Tutorful can view your details. Thousands of lessons are carried out every week through Tutorful and we’ve not once experienced an issue with Stripe regarding payment security. Below is a link to Stripe’s website if you’d like to have a look into them for yourself!

We will take a set of card details from you in order to confirm a lesson booking so that we can ensure your tutor they will be paid for their time, and when you do so, you’ll be required to authenticate the payment by entering a code that will be sent to you by your bank. Without entering any card details or authenticating the details entered, we won’t allow for any lessons to be booked in on your account. We will only ever take payment 24 hours after your lesson has taken place from the card details that are stored on your account.

We only store one set of card details on your account at a time, so if you do wish to upload a new set of card details, the old ones will automatically be overwritten. Again, to ensure payment security, you’ll need to authenticate these new payment details.