We're running seminars to explain how the new and updated classroom works on the weeks beginning the 11th and 18th of September. We'll explain everything from how you can access the classroom, to the different features as well as going over some useful troubleshooting tips. You can book a seminar using the following link:



Use the links below to view several video tutorials and learn about features in our new online classroom. You can find everything from ensuring your camera and microphone are set up to managing students in the classroom, troubleshooting, uploading documents, using the whiteboard and more. 

1 | Your First Space/Getting started

2 | The Comms Dock - A/V Features

3 | The Comms Dock - Video Layout Modes 

4 | Tabs, PDFs and more! 

5 | The Whiteboard: Basics 

6 | The Whiteboard: Advanced Features 

7 | The Resource Drawer 

8 | Managing Files 

9 | The Document and Code Tabs 

10 | Leading Mode

11 | Managing Students 

12 | Advanced Features