How can I view my recordings?

After each lesson, you can log into your account on, and click on the 'Lessons' tab. From here, click on 'Completed' lessons and then select 'Lesson details' next to the lesson you would like to view. Here, you will find the recording for that lesson!


Please note that recordings can only be viewed on a laptop or a computer and you will not be able to view these on a tablet or mobile phone.


I am worried that someone might use a recording in a negative way

We’ve made sure that recordings are behind log-in and that they can only be viewed on the page and not downloaded for this very reason. Tutorful also would never use any recordings without consent. Recordings are only visible to students, not tutors, so no one else will have access to them, and we at Tutorful will only view a recording if it needs to be reviewed for quality or safeguarding reasons.


Why am I not able to download my recordings?

You can access your online lesson recordings at any time by logging into your account, and heading for your completed lessons tab. However, for data protection reasons we have made it so that recordings can only be viewed on the page, behind log-in. 


Can I opt-out of recordings?

Whilst you are not able to opt-out of being recorded, you can request for individual recordings to be deleted by getting in touch with our Engagement team here


How long can I access my recordings?

We know that lesson recordings can be a really useful revision tool, so you are able to access your recordings for three months after the lesson took place.