Tutorful is happy to introduce our new “My saved tutors” feature! This will allow our students and parents to save tutors from the search results page and come back to them later!

How do I add tutors to my “My saved tutors” list? 

We’ve made it really simple for you to add a tutor you want to save for later! On the search results page, each tutor has a heart button on their profile card next to the “View profile” button. When you click on the heart, it will save the tutor to your “My saved tutors” list, which can be found next to the “Sorting” drop down. 

To remove tutors from your saved tutor list, simply click on the heart button again, and it will remove the tutor from your list!


How do I access my list of saved tutors?

Once you’ve saved your first tutor, a blue notification dot will appear on the “My saved tutors” button indicating you’ve saved at least one tutor. You can access your list of saved tutors by clicking on the “My saved tutors” button, which will take you to the list of tutors that you’ve saved from the results page.

You’ll be able to tell that you’re in your list of saved tutors if the “My saved tutors” button is shaded a dark blue. 

How do I return to the search results page?

To return to the search results page when you are in your “My saved tutors” list, click on the “My saved tutors” button or on the “Return to search results” to go back to the search results page. 

Can I use the “My saved tutors” list on all my devices?

Currently the way the feature works, the device on which you’ve searched for tutors and saved them to your “My saved tutors” list will be the only device that the list is saved on. For example, if you save a tutor to your list on your computer, you will only be able to view your saved tutor list from your computer, and not from your mobile device. 

Please also keep in mind that if you clear your cache, you will no longer be able to see your list of saved tutors. If you use your list of saved tutors in incognito mode, the “My saved tutors” list will not be saved. 

Any suggestions or feedback? Please pass it along to our Customer Success team, who will be happy to help!