As you have found yourself here, you must be looking to become a tutor with us, or may have just recently gone live! Tutorful is a fantastic way of teaching students without the usual admin hassles which come with private tuition, as we will help you manage all your bookings and payments so you can focus on what’s really important - teaching!



All meetings and lessons are always booked in on our system, as this way we will be able to send both your students and yourself helpful reminders that this lesson is scheduled to ensure it can go ahead! 



All payments for lessons go through Tutorful and will be paid directly into your registered bank account by our payment provider, Stripe. We will always take payment from your student 24 hours after each lesson goes ahead, and as Stripe has a 7 day processing period you should always receive this 8 days after the lesson!

It would only ever be longer than this if it was due over a weekend as banks will generally pay into your account first thing Monday morning, or if the student had an issue with their payment going through. If it’s the latter, don’t worry - we will always guarantee your payments for lessons booked and confirmed on the system so we will contact you if this is ever the case.


Once your profile is live, you will be able to see a few scores showing on your dashboard, and these are essentially what we use to rank our tutors in search results. These can give you an idea as to how you have been doing in relation to the enquiries you have received from our students.

This is not something that students can see - they are displayed on your dashboard, only to you, so you can keep an eye on them! You are always welcome to ask us any questions you may have regarding your scores or look here for more information about how these work. The higher these scores are, the higher your profile will be in the search results and therefore the more accessible your profile will be to students, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on your score if you are looking for more students to contact you!



Another way to boost your profile are reviews left by your students - once you have taught two lessons with one student, you may have noticed that we sent them a prompt to leave a review after your second lesson with them! This is something we will always do automatically, so hopefully, you will start seeing these reviews build-up soon - do feel free to ask the students yourself if you feel comfortable doing this!

Online Teaching

The online classroom is a really useful tool, as every lesson takes place from the comfort of your own home and don’t have to take into account travel times or costs. We have a lot of useful FAQ articles which go through how this works here, and you can access a demo version that you can use to get an idea of how it works and begin to plan great online lessons!