There are lots of new features in our brand new Online Classroom, so we've put together a series of really useful videos that explain how different areas of the classroom work! 


Video Controls

There are a number of different options for the video; you can turn off your camera or microphone, go into full screen video mode or collapse the video so that you can only see the other person - the following video shows how you can control these settings!



View Ports

The new classroom includes something called ‘view ports’, which allows you to be able to see exactly what part of the board the other person is looking at. You can easily see where the other person is just by zooming out - the video below shows exactly what it looks like.




There are a number of different tools available in the toolbar, and the video below shows you all of the different options.



Document Upload

You're able to upload documents to the classroom, which is really useful if you do want to go over things like work sheets, or past papers! The video below talks you through how to upload a document and what it will look like when you do.



Screen Share

Screen share allows you to share anything on your screen with the other person in the classroom, which can be really useful in a lot of different scenarios! The video below talks through how it works in more detail.




You can now send messages to one another in real time in the classroom; you can even send emojis. To see the chat in action watch the video below. 



Connectivity gauges

In the top right hand corner you can see the quality of your connection and the other person’s for the classroom.



Video during screen share

We wanted to share some ways to continue seeing the other person whilst you share your screen. This is especially useful if you are working with one screen. 



We’ve now made it possible for the other person to see your cursor on the screen. Watch this short video to understand more.