Camera and microphone controls

You have the ability to control whether your camera and microphone are on or off in the classroom. You can easily turn them on or off by pressing the relevant button in your video feed in the classroom!




If you're a tutor, you'll also have the option to ask your student to turn on their camera or microphone if you notice that they have it turned off - all you'll need to do is click the camera/microphone symbol in their video feed, and that will pop a message up to the student asking them if they're happy to turn their respective devices on! 


Full Screen Video

We know that you may sometimes need to see the other person in the classroom in more detail, for example in music lessons where it's important to see how an instrument is being played. It's possible to make the video feed full-screen - you just need to press the 'Square' icon in the bottom right hand corner in the video feed! 




To then go back to the regular classroom view, just click the icon in the bottom right hand corner.


Changing your camera/microphone in a lesson

If you do have multiple cameras or microphones connected to your device, and you'd like to change which one is used in a lesson, that is no problem! You can just refresh your page, and this will take you through the browser test once more - you can then choose which camera or microphone you'd like to be used in the relevant part of the test. Don't worry about any of the work you've done in the session previously disappearing - this will still be there when you re-enter the classroom! 


Using your camera on another device for your lesson

If you're having issues with the camera and/or microphone on your laptop, or if you'd prefer to use your phones camera for a lesson, you can easily do so with our new companion mode option in the classroom! 


To use this, you'll just need to click on the 'Companion mode' icon in the bottom left hand corner of your video feed - once you do so, you'll then see a QR code appear, which you can scan using your phone or tablet!




Once you've scanned the code, a page will then open up in your browser - you'll be able to test your speakers, and then just click launch to start companion mode!


Once you're in this mode, you'll see your camera feeds on your phone/tablet, and the audio will play through your new device as well - you'll also have the option to switch between your front and back camera, as well as the same options to turn off your camera and microphone. 


To go back to using your laptop's camera and microphone, you can click on the red companion mode button in the bottom left hand corner. 

This is a beta feature that we have recently released, so if you do have any feedback, please do let us know!