Laptops & Computers

In order to use our new online classroom, we’d recommend using a laptop or computer (this can either be a PC or a Mac), or a tablet for the best experience!

If using a Mac, you'll need to be on Mac OS 10.12.1 or newer - if using an older software version, you'll just need to update your Mac! For more information about how to update your Mac, you can click this link here


Whilst we'd recommend using a laptop or computer for the best and most compatible experience when using our interactive classroom, you can access it on a tablet. However, if you do use an iPad, you’ll need to use one that is capable of running iOS11 or higher - you’ll be able to check if your device is compatible here. If you are using an iPad in particular, you'll also need to use Safari, rather than an alternative browser. 


Whilst you are able to access the online classroom on mobile devices, we won’t recommend using one to deliver or have an online lesson - for the best experience, you’ll just need a laptop, computer or tablet!



You’ll also need to use a compatible browser to access the online classroom - we’d recommend using Google Chrome where possible. You may run into issues if you do use Safari on a Mac, or Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on a PC, so make sure you use one of the recommended browsers for the best experience! You'll also be unable to use older versions of Mozilla Firefox (versions 79 and lower), so we'd just recommend using Google Chrome!


You can download Google Chrome for your device by clicking here