If you would like to learn more about how to use the online classroom, as well as troubleshooting tips, you can watch our online classroom seminar recording here!


Before every online lesson you have through us, we highly recommend going into the classroom demo. This ensures everything is set up and ready to go for your lesson, and ultimately that you won't have any surprises when you enter the online classroom on the day of your lesson! 

Going into the demo classroom will also prompt you to run a browser test, and this also gives our support team the information we need to help you troubleshoot in the event you do ever have any issues at the time of your lesson. You can find the demo classroom by heading to the top right-hand corner of your dashboard to find the dropdown menu, which will include the option to 'Demo Online Classroom'. This will bring up the below pop-up, where you can click to 'Launch Classroom Demo'.



Once you have entered the Browser test page, you will be prompted to check your camera, microphone and speaker settings, and your internet speed will also be checked in the background. 


If you are not using a browser that is supported by the online classroom, you will be immediately taken to this page! We thoroughly recommend using Google Chrome as we have found that this browsers run the classroom most efficiently.


If it's the first time you're entering the online classroom, you'll be asked for permission for Google Chrome to access your camera and microphone. If you ensure this is allowed by clicking the allow button in the pop-up, you should then be able to see yourself when we get to the camera step.




Help with ensuring both your camera and microphone are enabled can be found here: How do I enable my microphone and camera?


You'll then be taken through the browser test - the first step will check your microphone, and if it's working, you'll see the bar move as you speak. 



The next step will check your camera is working - if all is well, you'll see yourself pop up!



The last step to check is that you can hear sounds coming from the classroom, to ensure you will be able to hear each other - you should be able to hear a short sound clip, so if you cannot please ensure your volume is turned up!


If your internet is fast enough to host the classroom, you'll then be taken through to the demo. However, if we detect that your speed is a little bit low, and it may affect the quality of your lesson, we'll let you know at the end of the test. For more information about what to do to help your interney speed improve, please have a look here: How can I improve my internet connection?

If everything has successfully been allowed, you will be all set to go for your lesson! From here you can have a look at the classroom to familiarise yourself with how everything works, or join your lesson if it is starting soon.

If you ever have any issues with your online lessons or need help getting this set up we have a collection of handy guides available!