Yes you can! As a tutor, you’re able to enter a lesson up to 30 minutes before the start time to prepare, so if you’d like to upload a few documents beforehand, or have something ready on the whiteboard, you can do so! 


To join a lesson early, you’ll just need to click on the join lesson button either using the banner that will appear on your dashboard before a lesson is due to start, or by going to your lessons and using the join lesson button in the details section for the lesson in question. If you’re doing so before the lesson start time, you’ll be taken to a waiting room, however if you’re joining within 30 minutes of the lesson, you’ll see a join lesson button to go in early!


Your students won’t be able to join until the exact lesson start time, so you don’t have to worry about them joining suddenly before the lesson - you can prepare the lesson before and have it ready for the student to start straight away!