We have been working with students and tutors throughout the development of our very own Tutorful online classroom. We want to make sure that it’s intuitive and that we add the most valuable features first. Below are just some of our new features that we've recently added:

  • Lock function: This allows you to lock the board. By activating the lock you remove the whiteboard tools for the student and their ability to change, add or remove whiteboards or enter full screen mode. 

  • Minimise video and the sidebar: We know how important whiteboard space is whilst tutoring. We’ve therefore added the functionality to be able to collapse the video and sidebar to increase the space you have available. 

  • Whiteboard and preview: It’s important to easily know what’s on the whiteboards you’re using. The previews on the left hand side bar allow you to easily view what’s on each board, and add and remove boards at ease.

The whole reason why we've decided to build our own Online Classroom is so we can actively develop it ourselves, to have the features our students and tutors need, rather than working with a third party provider. As such, we're continuously developing our Classroom, so if you do have any feedback or ideas, please do let us know - we'd love to hear it! You can find more information on how to do so here.