A huge amount of variables influence whether a student-tutor relationship works, which is why we prefer to think about helping students find the ‘right’ tutor for them - after all, someone who is a great tutor for one person, might not be right for another, and vice versa!

Our approach to achieving this is to give students all of the information they need to make the best choice when choosing their next tutor - providing personalised search results and informative tutor profiles (see how we vet our tutors here - what is your tutor selection process?).

That being said, we want to work with the tutors who truly care about offering a great service - which is why we use a powerful algorithm to rate each tutor, promoting those tutors with the best scores by putting them at the top of the search results, and removing those we don’t feel meet our high standards.

Amongst other things, we take into account:

  • how quickly tutors reply to messages 

  • how many students choose to book with them

  • how many repeat clients they secure and the number of lessons they have together

  • the reviews students leave on their lessons

  • the quality of each tutor’s profile

  • whether they have a background check

  • their professionalism in working with us at Tutorful

We continue to work with tutors and students, even as they’re learning together, doing all we can to help learners achieve their goals. This gives us a good insight into how tutors operate and who will offer a great service.

Despite all we do, we realise that not every student will find the right tutor for them at the first go, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.