We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t make it to a lesson. If this happens, we recommend that you message your tutor with a suggestion of a new time for the lesson to take place and they can reschedule it for you. In the event that there isn’t a suitable time to move the lesson to, you can cancel the lesson through your account. When cancelling lessons, it’s important that you do so with as much notice as possible in order to avoid late cancellation fees.

To cancel a lesson, log in to your Tutorful account and go to your "Lessons" page using the navigation at the top of the page. You will then see a list of your upcoming lessons. Select "Lesson Details" next to the session you need to cancel. You'll be taken through to a page with the lesson details, where you'll see the option to "Cancel lesson".

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.29.48.png


You will be taken to the lesson cancellation page. If you have repeat lessons, you can either cancel just one lesson or all of the remaining lessons in this series of repeat lessons.

Next, select the reason for cancelling the lesson from the dropdown list. When selecting a reason related to scheduling, you’ll be provided with a link to reschedule the lesson. Where possible, we recommend that you reschedule lessons rather than cancelling as this is a more efficient way to move the lesson. If you do need to cancel, confirm this by clicking the ‘Cancel lesson’ button. This will notify your tutor that the lesson has been cancelled.

Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time may result in you needing to pay late cancellation charges. If your cancellation is eligible for charges you will be shown a message on the screen detailing the charges that you may incur. You can read more about our Cancellation Policy and cancellation charges.

You can also reschedule and cancel lessons from the Tutorful app (available on Android and iOS). To do so, navigate to the Calendar tab using the option at the bottom of the screen and pick the lesson you would like to change. 


Next, click Cancel Lesson and choose Reschedule lesson or Cancel lesson. We will notify your tutor of your selected action.