The biggest and arguably one of the most important parts of your public profile is your bio, as this is where you introduce yourself to prospective students and inform them of why you are the best tutor for them.

To help with writing your bio, we have outlined a template below which breaks your bio into separate sections:

A sentence or two to introduce yourself:

  • A brief sentence or two to introduce yourself to prospective students 

Your teaching/tutoring experience:

  • Outline the length of time you have spent teaching/tutoring
  • Include any experience you have had, whether that be informal or formal, online or in-person
  • We would recommend including specific teaching/tutoring examples e.g. if you spent some time teaching in France as part of your languages degree or briefly explain your experience within the schools that you were placed in as part of your teaching degree

How your lessons are structured:

  • This section should give students a clear idea of what to expect from your tutoring sessions so they can make the correct choice when selecting a tutor:
    • Do you adapt your style depending on the age/ability of the student?
    • Do you follow a strict lesson plan or is your teaching style flexible?
    • Are your sessions exam practice focused?
    • Will you provide homework tasks?
  • Whilst it is important that your student knows what to expect from your sessions, it is also important that the student understand what you expect from them

Any additional information:

  • Many GCSE/A Level seek tutors with specific exam board knowledge so if you have experience as an examiner or knowledge of particular exam boards such as AQA or Edexcel then please do include this information
  • Maybe you have experience with SEN students or have worked as a SEN tutor/teacher previously, including specific examples will help students/parents understand that you will be able to assist