We know how important it is to accurately respond to any lesson requests or messages that a student sends but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the most appropriate response. We have drafted a few examples of responses that we feel may be useful when replying to a student. Please feel free to modify the below in any way when communicating with your student:

If a student has yet to book a further lesson:

I hope you enjoyed our tutoring session! I can book another lesson for you if you would like to let me know your date/time preferences?

Hi, I hope you are well! Would you like to book another lesson?

Hi ____, would you be interested in booking some further lessons? I have some open availability so I would be happy to book a slot that works for you.

Unfortunately, I am unable to book a lesson for this time as I have another student scheduled for then. Would you like to book a lesson for (list a few slots) or I have my availability listed on my profile. Please let me know what would work best for you, thank you.

Hi, I'm just checking in to see how your studies are going? If you would like some extra tuition, we can always book another lesson! Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss a time.

When a student asks for face to face tuition, and they're a little too far away:

Hi, thank you for contacting me! Unfortunately, you're a little too far from me for face to face lessons, however I'd be happy to help with online sessions! There are many benefits of online tuition - it's vert accessible, as it cuts out the need to travel and travel costs, meaning you can have your lessons from the comfort of your home. I would be more than happy to schedule a free 15 minute video chat so we can chat in further detail, if that is something that you are interested in?

If a student asks for a lesson when you are unavailable: 

Hi, thank you for your interest in choosing me as your tutor! Unfortunately, I don’t have any availability at that time but I do have some other slots available if you could share some times that you are available, or you can check my open availability on my profile and select a different time that works for you. Please let me know and I can get a lesson booked in for you.

Replying to a students initial message:

Hi ____, I would like to help you with this. Would you be able to provide me with a few more details surrounding what you're looking for from our tutoring sessions? For example, the exam board that you are studying, the areas/topics that you would like to focus on and also if you would like a one-off lesson or are you looking for regular tuition?

Hello, I would be more than happy to help! I will get that booked in for you now, you will just need to confirm the request once I have sent it over.

Hi! Thank you for messaging me, I would like to help you with this. Would you like to book a free 15 minute video chat so we can discuss further what you are looking for during our tutoring sessions? If you let me know of a few times that you are available then I can book that in for us.