A great feature on the Tutorful platform is that you are able to leave feedback for your students after every lesson that you have completed with them. This is a very useful tool as both students and parents appreciate knowing how their lessons are going and what kind of progress they are making. 

Please see below, some helpful suggestions that you might want to include in your feedback for your student:

  • A description of what was covered in the lesson

  • How well the student participated 

  • How engaged the student was throughout the lesson

  • Some constructive criticism for the student

  • Goals for the next lesson

  • Any homework to be completed

If you are using the Tutorful website, to leave feedback you will need to head to your ‘lessons’ tab and click on your ‘completed’ lessons. From here you will then need to click on the completed lesson you would like to leave feedback for and press the ‘provide feedback’ button.

Once you have selected this, you will be taken through to the below form where you can fill out what was covered in the lesson, how the lesson went and also what the next steps are for the student. After this, you will need to press the ‘submit feedback’ button and this will allow your feedback to be sent through to your student. 


You can also leave feedback when you are on the go by using the Tutorful app and heading to your ‘lessons’ page and then clicking through to your ‘completed’ tab. Similar to leaving feedback via the website, you will need to click on the lesson that you would like to leave feedback for and tap ‘add lesson feedback’ where you will be taken through to the page to leave your feedback. Please make sure to select ‘send feedback’ once you have filled out the form as this will prompt it to be sent to your student.