Assessing what your students' current grade or their current abilities, is a great way of ensuring you're tailoring your lessons to them and their academic needs. It helps make sure that you’re focusing on the stuff that needs attention to help your student get the best grade possible!

A simple way of doing so is using a template like the one we’ve created below, to gauge how your student feels about any specific subject areas - this should help highlight any areas they’re confident with, unsure about or need further support with.

Maths GCSE

Geometry and Measures




Other ways of assessing a student's current understanding is through past papers. You can find a link to common exam boards and their past papers in our resource here

You can always make this aspect of your students learning fun, with things like online quizzes and interactive games easily accessed online. We have tutors who commonly use Kahoot, Twinkl and Nrich. These are just a few examples, but there are many more available to you!