Communication is key in creating a great relationship with both your students and their parents. 

It is a good idea to manage a parent's expectations from the beginning. Some may think that tutoring is a magic bullet to ensure that their child gets top grades; however, we all know this is not the case, so being open with the parents about their child's progress is really important and what they can realistically achieve.  

Providing feedback after each lesson is another great way to build a good relationship with the parents and allowing them to see their child’s progress will also help when managing their expectations, as well as showing them what is being covered in each lesson. To leave feedback for your student, head to your completed lessons and click on the lesson you’d like to feed back on - you’ll then see the option to provide feedback here.

You’ll be prompted to fill in some feedback about what you covered during the lesson, how you feel it went, and any next steps that you’d like your student to take ahead of your next lesson! You and your student will then be able to view this feedback at any time by clicking on the completed lesson again.