Many of our tutors have told us that they like to offer an initial meeting or 'taster' session to any new students who contact them, as a chance to meet each other and get a feel for the style of tuition that will best suit the student. There's no obligation for you to offer one, but the option to book in a 'trial' lesson gives tutors the flexibility to offer these kinds of lessons at a reduced rate if they want to.

At a trial session, you can prepare a full lesson or you can simply use it as a chance to discuss the student's learning goals and create a plan of action for future lessons - make sure to have discussed this with the student beforehand to ensure you're both on the same page and know what to expect from each other.

The cost of a trial session is up to you and varies between tutors. Some tutors offer a trial session at a fixed rate, with a minimum price of €5, whilst others may offer a percentage discount on their usual hourly rate. There is no requirement for you to offer a discounted first lesson, but the option is there if you would like to do so. Whether you choose to or choose not to offer a trial lesson is completely down to you.