So you've been chatting with a student and agreed the time and date for your first session - congratulations! Next, you'll just need to make the booking on the website.

To book in a lesson with your student you can use the “Lessons” option at the top of your screen. Under “Upcoming Lessons” you will then see the button to “book a lesson”.



Fill in the details of your lesson together and check the lesson price at the bottom is correct - this is the amount the student will pay in total for the lesson. As soon as you click "Create Booking" we'll add the lesson to our system and we'll email your student to ask them to confirm the session.

If you've booked more than a day in advance, students will then have up to 12 hours before their first session to confirm the booking by entering their payment details. We'll keep you updated and text you as soon as they've confirmed so you know you're good to go and to give you the student's contact info for any last minute organising!



To book recurring lessons:

While the default option is weekly, you can also book one-off sessions and fortnightly sessions by changing the selected option.


As the student isn't charged until after each session takes place, booking repeating sessions will not cause them to be charged before you've had these lessons!

Students really appreciate knowing their weekly tuition is sorted and booked ahead of time, so we'll always encourage you to make repeat bookings where you can.