Before we invite you to a 1-1 interview with a member of our team, we’ll review the information you’ve left with us and if what you have left fits with our criteria, we’ll let you know that we’d like to have you with us on the site! If you do fit our criteria, it means that we think your Tutorful profile is great and want to know more about your teaching style, which we find out through a one to one interview.


You’ll need to book an interview slot through the invitation email we’ll send you once approved. Your interview will last up to 15 minutes and at the start, your interviewer may ask you a couple of questions about your experience and examples of tutoring you have done before.


As part of your interview, we would like you to prepare a lesson plan including an explanation of resources, assessment and other elements of the lesson. Your lesson plan can be based on any topic or concept that is relevant to the subjects you teach.


Your explanation of your lesson plan should last at least five minutes, with up to ten minutes time for you to present. If you run over ten minutes we may have to cut you off, so you may wish to practice beforehand! 


The interview will take place via Zoom and you’ll be able to share your screen, so please feel free to make a presentation, video or documents to share with us! You’ll be interviewed by a member of our Tutor Team and will have a chance to ask any questions at the end. 


If your interview is successful, we will invite you to attend two of our online training seminars, the first will explain the basics of the site, such as finding students and booking lessons in further detail. The second will be specific to our online classroom, explain it’s features and how to get your system set up and ready for online lessons.