Your tutor profile is your space to sell yourself to potential students and we know from experience that students are much happier to contact tutors when they've seen a photo of them - it always helps to be able to put a face to the name!

We make sure that every tutor has a good quality photo of themselves, in which they look smart and friendly - this is an important part of your profile page as it represents your professionalism, which is why we don’t allow anyone to go live on the site without a photo in place.

Make sure that it's a picture only of you (no group selfies, please!) and that your face can be seen clearly so students can recognise you! Remember the picture thumbnail is only small, so generally, headshots are a much better bet than full body photographs. As we do want the picture to reflect your professionalism, we also ask that photos aren’t filtered or edited - this also extends to black and white pictures.