We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that all tutors are getting fair opportunities and access to as many students as possible, but in the meantime, there are a couple of things that new tutors can do to secure their first student through Tutorful!

Share your profile

You are more than welcome to promote your Tutorful profile across your social media platforms! Just go to the site, log in and click on the Profile tab at the top. Once you’re there, the website URL is your unique profile link, so copy & paste this to use on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

Update your availability calendar

Students can search for a tutor with an availability filter applied, so it’s really important that you keep your calendar up to date and include all of the times you are free to teach. You can see how to update your availability calendar here.

Check your price

Lots of our established tutors lowered their rate to snag their first student, so you may wish to consider doing the same! We don’t mean that you should permanently charge less, but just to get that first student, pricing yourself a little lower can help. 

Update your profile

Make sure you’re only offering subjects that you are really confident in. Students react best to cohesive profiles, so if you’re offering Maths, try to centre your profile and tagline around Maths! 

Download the Tutorful app

Students may occasionally post a tutoring job rather than message a tutor directly. You have your own Jobs section on your account with students looking for support in your subjects. Downloading the app is a really easy way to check the jobs board a couple of times a day, as it means you don’t need to log onto your laptop!

Download the Tutorful app for iOS

Download the Tutorful app for Android