Your first lesson with a new student went well, but they haven’t booked another lesson? Don’t worry, there are a lot of factors that may contribute to a student not wanting to book repeated lessons with a tutor. However, we’re keen for all of our tutors to find regular students and maintain long-term relationships, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that may help you get a second, third, or even weekly lessons booked in!

  1. Get to know your student! When a student or parent contacts you, their enquiry may be quite vague e.g. “I’m looking for a Maths GCSE tutor’. This is a great opportunity to request more information on what exactly the student needs help with. Doing this allows you time to prepare yourself and tailor your first lesson to their exact needs while avoiding going over any content they already know. You can even book a free 15-minute video chat with your student if they or their parents are a little unsure at first! You can find out how to book a free video chat here.

  1. Provide feedback! Feedback is a great way to summarise what was covered in your lesson, how well your student did and how future lessons can help reach any goals they’re working towards. Students and parents are looking for tutors who care and are genuinely interested in their progress, so giving your students clear and positive feedback will only encourage them to book further lessons with you!

  1. Tailor your lessons! Like we’ve mentioned, getting to know your students' needs is the first step. It’s really important to understand how your student learns - some students work better with visual and spatial resources, others prefer to listen and write! Every student will differ, but knowing how to tailor your lessons to each student's needs will not only help with their learning but can help them feel more confident that your teaching is unique to them and can help them reach their goals!

  1. Set homework! If your student is happy, why not set a bit of homework? Encouraging students to work on their learning after their first lesson with you, sets an expectation that there are future lessons to come!