Your response time is calculated by taking into account your 10 most recent direct enquiries from students, and factors in how long it has taken you to respond to their first message, or book a lesson following a lesson request! This process is the same for all tutors and is run by an algorithm behind the scenes.

A high response time naturally affects the number of enquiries and further engagement you receive from students, so we’d always recommend responding to messages as soon as possible! It’s really important to us that students are able to make informed decisions on which tutors they’d like to enquire or book a lesson with, and we find that tutors who have a response time within a couple of hours are more likely to receive a higher volume of enquiries and naturally a higher chance of securing bookings! 

Don’t worry though, we have a few handy tips on how to ensure your response time stays as low as possible!

  1. Access your messages on the go! Our mobile app is free to download and is great for when you’re on the go, just ensure all push notifications are set so you never miss a message! 

Download the Tutorful app for iOS devices here

Download the Tutorful app for Android devices here

  1. Be honest if you know straight away you can’t help a student - we understand that students sometimes request help with things that you simply aren’t able to help with. We always ask that you get back to these students as soon as possible to let them know, and in turn, this will keep your response time low!

  1. Is your schedule full? Are you taking a break from tutoring? That’s no problem, just turn your profile offline so that prospective students aren’t able to contact you - you’ll have less of a chance of missing a message this way!

  1. Stay friendly and professional! When a student contacts you they may be looking for more information about you and how you may be able to help them. We always recommend messaging back in a friendly and professional way, you can even ask open-ended questions or go into detail about your experience and how you can help. Informative and quick responses not only keep your response time low but can really help get that first lesson booked in!