Your repeat client score measures how many of your students have repeating lessons with you, so if your score has dropped a little, this likely means that recently, your students have been having just one or two sessions.

While we know that not every student is looking for lots of lessons, it’s really important to maintain long-term relationships with your students. This means you’ll be able to continue running a thriving tutoring business!

Here are some tips to improve your repeat client score and rebook rate:

  • Set expectations and make a plan for future sessions in your first lesson. Our most successful tutors outline a series of lessons and what could be covered so the student/parent knows what to expect.

  • Use our free video chat function to let parents and students know how you can help them and the plan going forwards if you don’t want to book a full lesson! You can see how to book a free video chat here. We also have a guide on how to best utilise your free video chat.

  • Provide feedback to the student or parents and keep them up to date with stronger and weaker areas of study as well as the progress being made. Students and parents like to see results! You can see how to provide feedback through Tutorful here. 

  • Try to make sure your student learns something new in the first session! We always recommend asking what they are struggling with to make sure that you aren’t going over concepts that they already understand.

  • Don’t be afraid to follow up with students and parents, tuition might not be the first thing on their mind, so they may need a little prompt to see when they are ready to book the next session! A good way to do this is to send them a message outlining what was covered in the first session and asking when they’d like the next session to be.

  • If appropriate, you can set homework or a small task for the student to complete before your next lesson together.

  • Ask for feedback from your student/parents so you know whether or not they are enjoying the lessons and can keep improving your lesson quality.

  • Make sure that you don’t overstretch yourself by trying to take too many new students on! Try to focus on your current students who need your support.

If you do have a student who is asking for just one-off lessons and you’re worried that your score may be impacted, or if you would like any support with your scores - please contact our Tutor Team at!