Your booking score is a measure of how many of the students who get in touch with you end up booking a lesson with you! If your score has dropped, this means that it’s likely that you’ve had a few students in touch recently that you haven’t gone on to book with. 

We actively try to reduce the number of enquiries that aren’t quite right for you by allowing students to filter by price and availability within the search results, as well as letting them request a time that you are available from your availability calendar. We also display which subjects and levels you are available to teach on your profile! 

We know that not every tutor and student will be the right fit for each other, but we do our best to combat these enquiries coming through to you, so the majority of your enquiries will be those that you are able to book in with. 

Here are some tips to help you improve your booking score:

  • Update your availability calendar regularly so that students know exactly when you can do lessons and can make sure this matches with when they are free! You can see how to update your availability here.

  • Offer free video chats to speak to the student/parent and let them know how you can help. Free video chats take off the pressure to deliver a lesson or assessment and leaves more time for you to figure out what they need help with and how you can help them. You can see how to offer a free video chat here and this guide will help you with how to make the most of your free chat!

  • Updating your profile regularly can help with the enquiries that you receive and your booking score! Make sure that you are updating your bio to include any further experience, your qualifications with any more qualifications gained and your subjects list to make sure that you are only offering subjects that you are really confident in teaching. To see how to edit your profile, please see our FAQ.

  • Respond to your messages in a friendly, engaging manner! Students may message a couple of tutors at once and you can really make yourself stand out by responding enthusiastically, rather than with a couple of words as your answer. 

  • You should respond to the first message with a bit of information about your background, how you can help and a couple of questions to get them coming back with answers you can use to plan the best first session for them! 

  • Remember that you are representing Tutorful at all time, including in your message thread, and your message may be their first interaction with Tutorful, so always try to make it a positive experience.

  • Sometimes students or parents may send a few messages and have a busy few days, so it can take some patience while waiting for them to come back to you. Don’t be afraid to send them a little prompt if you’ve not heard back from them in a couple of days. 

  • If you’re fully booked or only have a specific slot to fill, we’d always recommend that you set your account Offline. This means that you won’t get any new enquiries that you can’t book in with and your booking score will be preserved. You can see more information about going Offline here. 

Our Tutor Team are always happy to help you if you are concerned about your scores or just have any questions! You can get in touch with us at