We understand that life happens and sometimes lessons need to be cancelled or rearranged, but we also understand this doesn't make cancelled lessons any less frustrating! With this in mind, our Cancellation Policy has been written to ensure that students have a reasonable degree of flexibility, whilst our tutors stay protected against last-minute change-of-plans.

Students are able to cancel lessons up to 12 hours before the start time without charge. If a student cancels within 12 hours, you as a tutor have the option to charge a 50% cancellation fee. You’ll receive notification if a student cancels within 12 hours of your lesson time, and you’ll be asked to waive or charge the fee through your account, as shown below. We’d always recommend assessing the situation before making this decision - if a cancellation was processed late due to illness or emergency, it may be more appropriate not to charge!

If the student has asked you to cancel the lesson within 12 hours of the start time and you would like to enforce the 50% cancellation charge, you’ll need to let the student know that they will have to log into their account, head to their "Lessons" tab and cancel the lesson themselves.

Any lessons that are either cancelled after the start time of the lesson or where the student never informed you that a lesson could not take place, will be charged at full price. In the event a student does not turn up to their lesson without prior warning, we ask that you wait in the classroom for 15 minutes and try contacting them via phone call. Should the student not arrive within this time, or you can’t reach them by phone, you’re then free to leave the lesson. In order for us to enforce a full charge, we’ll ask you to provide evidence of your efforts to contact the student during this time - so it’s super important to keep evidence of the steps you’ve taken to contact them! Again, we do recommend assessing the situation and understanding why your student did not attend their lesson or cancelled after the start time before making a decision, as it may be more appropriate to waive the charge.

If a student cancels a lesson after the start time as a result of a tutor being late for their lesson, tutors will not be able to charge the student in full. You can see more on lesson lateness here. (5.20)

If you’re ever unsure on what is the appropriate action to take, we're always happy to help you make these decisions - our Customer Success Team is available by phone, live chat and email Monday - Friday, 9am-7pm and are great at that sort of thing!